Recruitment in the countries of the European Union

Recruitment in the countries of the European Union

Recruitment AgencyDevBrain” provides services for recruitment of personnel at various levels by the method of Executive search, headhunting, mass recruitment.

Everyone knows how difficult it is sometimes to recruit the personnel. All recruitment managers dream of having only ideal candidates. But without prior selection it is impossible. We are ready to charge ourselves with it!

Our company has massive well-constructed and constantly updated date base of specialists of different type.

Thanks to well organized technical base and highly-qualified specialists, our employment agency closes the most difficult vacancies, including the foreign companies.  We are responsible for every given employee.

Belorussian recruitment agency “DevBrain” organizes and caries out complex projects, giving to the client the service, aimed at long-term and mutually-beneficial cooperation. We suggest  to use the services of the employment agency, outsourcing, outstaffing and personnel leasing.

Any moment we are ready to give to the client up-to-date information about the process of current work and received result. Openness to the client and the clarity of our carried out work is the key principle of the “DevBrain” employment agency activity.

We select staff from service personnel to managers.  Belarusian Consulting Company «DevBrain» carries out a mass selection of qualified personnel with work experience for shift work abroad.  We have a license for employment outside the Republic of Belarus (No.33010/1710), as well as selection experience and a large database of specialists.

We pay special attention to the search and selection of IT specialists (programmers). Our IT specialists from Belarus are very much in demand abroad. They have many-sided experience. Our specialists base includes: PHP , Ruby on Rails , .NET, HTML, Java Script, C#, C/C++ , Python, Java Developers, Data Engineers, Game developers, Front-end and Back-end Developers, Full stack Developers,  Head of IT Department, Quantitative researcher& Developers, 1C Developer, Test Automation, Testing / QA (manual). We select developers of different levels: from Junior to Teach Lead, Software Architect and CEO.

Cooperation with “DevBrain” company give you a chance to use our advantages:

  • A big experience in recruitment and work with foreign companies;
  • Individual approach to the every Client;
  • Flexibility in discussing of cooperation conditions;
  • Composite nature of services;
  • Highly-qualified team of specialists;
  • Worked-out search and recruitment technology;
  • Leading methods of testing and staff evaluation;
  • Quality assurances and complying with the formal ethic’s principles;
  • Constantly updated employees’

We are ready to answer all Your questions and consider counter –proposals.

For our customers, we have several options for cooperation:

  • No prepayment. Payment for selection services is made upon the fact of the specialist’s exit to work within 5 banking days.  The exact cost of the selection services is determined after studying a more detailed description of your vacancies.
  • Making a partial advance payment of 10%, which reduces the cost of selection services by 10%.
  1. Coordination of the Terms of Reference (application), signing of a contract and a price negotiation protocol.
  2. Full scope of work to find and select the necessary specialists. Included: analysis of open sources, search on social networks, forums, professional networks, study of our candidate base, relations. Placement of vacancies in different sources.  The first interviews with suitable candidates take place in the office of DevBrain or through telecommunications.
  3. Our specialist sends you on the e-mail CV candidates with a professional characteristic of the candidates. Your task is to review the questionnaires, choose the best ones and assign an interview day.
  4. A specialist of our company (if necessary) along with the candidate (s) comes to you for the first joint interview. After that, you are determined within 2 days with the candidate (s) you are ready to take in the staff.
  5. The output of a specialist to work. In the case of prepayment, you pay the remaining % of the cost for selecting a candidate. If in fact, then there is a full payment.  Maintenance of a new employee by a recruiting specialist.

Execution period: from 2 to 6 weeks.

What do you get by signing a contract with us:

-Corresponding to you employee.

— 3 months guarantee on the employee selected by us.  This means that if during the trial period a specialist selected by us does not justify himself for objective reasons, we replace him for free.  For top positions, the warranty period increases to 6 months and 1 free replacement, and we continue to accompany the specialist.

-Saving time and money.

-Support for each selected candidate.

Calculating the cost of selecting IT professionals and top managers.

The cost of selecting specialists depends on the complexity of the position, the timing of selection, the working conditions for the candidate (salary, bonuses, location of the office).  Why do not we work like other agencies (the cost of IT-specialists selection services ranges from 15% of the candidate’s annual income).  We are customer-oriented, so fix the price, prescribe it in the contract, and even if you offer a higher salary in the process of selection, the cost of our services will not change.

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